As I shared previously that I will be speaking at MPAS event in August. I am writing this post to share some of the experiences as well as the content from the event.

To summarize: It was great being able to present Microsoft’s value proposition on devices and services to the Magazine Publishing Association of Singapore. And I am thankful to MPAS for giving Microsoft the opportunity to present at the event. Most importantly, it was really nice to see that my message resonated very well with the audience specially when we had other industry leaders like Amazon, Google and Samsung presenting as well.

Windows Azure:
My original intent was to keep the conversation and presentation non-technical/business focused. But after Amazon’s presentation on how to create a Word Press blog I had to switch gears and show some thing practical and hence technical. The good thing is that I was able to demonstrate, how easy, simple, fast and intuitive it is to:

– Have a Web Site (like Word Press) up and running in coupe of minutes.
– Create a web site from scratch using Visual Studio 2012/2013 and publish it to Azure in few minutes.
– Scale on demand/auto-magically using Azure Portal.

It was great to see that audience liked it and received positive feedback during the break. You can access the slide deck from my skydrive

Windows 8/8.1:

I did my presentation without using a slide deck. I basically focused on showing discoverability, integrated search, sharing how superior user experiences are made possible on Windows 8 devices. Audience particularly liked the live tiles and integrated search capabilities.

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