I was trying to set my demo machine for tomorrow’s Microsoft Partner Briefing event in Singapore. I was able to install Visual Studio¬†2013 Ultimate without any issues. But, when I tried creating Web Projects, VS 2013 started failing with “HResult 0X80070002 – File not found” error. Quick Bing/Search resulted in a couple of forum posts. It turned out to be a known issue which is documented here @ Connect.Microsoft.com.

The root cause is that Visual Studio is missing the NuGet plugin and its unable to find the relevant files/binaries.

While the Visual Studio team fixes this issue, the solution/workaround is to find the VSIX for NuGet and install it manually. This is documented at the connect page I referenced above. The only difference is that if you had Visual Studio 2012 installed previously on the same machine then the file path will look like this: [Root]:\Program Files (x86)\NuGet\Visual Studio 12 (Note VS 2012 instead of 2013).

Happy coding!


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