Windows Azure Training Kit has been updated and was released earlier today. This is one of the best resources out there for learning Windows Azure. This particular release delivers 41 HOLs (Hands On Labs), 35 Presentations including new content on Windows Azure SQL Database, SQL Federation, Reporting and Data Sync as well as Security and Identity.

On top of all the Azure learning goodness, this release also includes an agenda for Azure Dev Camps with 7 new branded presentations.

Enough with the blogging,  More details on the MSDN download page at


For direct download from any of your following favourite sources:-


Windows Azure Training Kit on GitHub In addition to downloading the training kit contents, you can also browse through the content, report any issues with the content, and make your own contributions on GitHub.   You can find the training kit content on GitHub at

Windows Azure Training Kit – Full Package (WATK-August2012.exe) The full package enables you to download all of the hands-on labs and presentations to your local machine.  To use the full package, simply download and run the WATK-August2012.exe.  This file is a self-extracting executable that will extract all of the training kit files to the directory you specify.   After the content is extracted, the starting page for the training kit will be displayed in your default browser.  You can then browse through the individual hands-on labs, demos, and presentations. Download here:

Windows Azure Training Kit – Web Installer (WATK-WebInstaller.exe) The Web Installer allows you to select and download just the specific hands-on labs and presentations that you need.  The Web Installer is a much smaller download so it is recommended in situations where you cannot download the full package.  To use the Web Installer, simply download and run WATK-WebInstaller.exe.   The Web Installer will then display a list of the content in the training kit.   You can then select the hands-on labs and presentations to download.  After selecting the content proceed through the steps in the application to download the files to the directory that you specify.   Download it here:


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