Earlier in March I shared with you that the book that I have been working on since last year is available for pre-order.

AppFabric Cookbook

Today, it gives me a great pleasure to share with you that “Windows Server AppFabric Cookbook” has been published and is en-route to the book shelves near you. Of course you can get an e-book  (PDF, epub, packtlib, mobi) version right away for your favourite reader (Kindle, Nook etc.). Once you purchase the book, the source code is available for download as well.

Some highlights from the book :-

Elevator Pitch:

This book has over 60 recipes that cover Caching, Hosting, Monitoring and Security aspects of Windows Server AppFabric. This book also delves deep in to additional capabilities added by Microsoft AppFabric 1.1 for Windows Server.


  • Gain a solid understanding of the capabilities provided by Windows Server AppFabric with a pragmatic, hands-on, results-oriented approach with this book and eBook
  • Learn how to apply the WCF and WF skills you already have to make the most of what Windows Server AppFabric has to offer
  • Includes step-by-step recipes for developing highly scalable composite services that utilize the capabilities provided by Windows Server AppFabric including caching, hosting, monitoring and persistence

What will you learn from this book? 

  • Download, install, configure and get up and running with Windows Server AppFabric quickly
  • Learn how to take advantage of distributed caching for providing high performance and elastic scale on-premise today
  • Take advantage of the enhanced hosting capabilities that Windows Server AppFabric has to offer including Auto-Start and a greatly simplified configuration experience
  • Enable support for long-running composite applications that are resilient and fault-tolerant while maximizing computing resources
  • Gain insight into the health of your composite applications seamlessly, both proactively and when something goes wrong
  • Learn how to scale Windows Server AppFabric by leveraging farm deployments

 Want to know more?

Heard over to Rick’s blog and read more about the book.

In the end…

I have worked very hard on this book for over a year and I have been fortunate to have Rick Garibay co-author it with me. We sincerely hope that this will be a valuable addition to your libraries and you will learn quickly and effectively on how to utilize Windows Server AppFaric’s capabilities to build scalable, distributed and loosely coupled enterprise scale applications.


I will be really glad to hear your feedback. So please drop me a note at hammad[dot]rajjoub[at]gmail.com or a mention @hammadrajjoub.




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