Right after CIO Summit in Philippines, the following week, I was invited to present Enterprise Mobility Strategy at APAC Executive Leadership Forum in Singapore.

APAC Executive Leadership Forum was a first edition of an executive forum where Microsoft hosted top 200 of the most strategic executive leaders of APAC from leading organization from diverse industries, Government and Education.

B1GWOy9CcAAmVKH I was fortunate enough to engage with number of executives on various topics. Specially it was great to host Vito Forte (CIO of FMG, Australia) for my session.  One thing that kept coming back was how important Mobility and Cloud was for them and how disruptive these capabilities are for their businesses.


Following is a quick infographic on some of the key insights we gathered during this event. To stay update on this don’t forget to follow @TransformingAPAC. Last but not the least super thanks to all of the organizers (as this was an extremely well executed event) and execs who could take time out of their busy schedules to attend this.



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