Recently I have seen a lot of partners and developers submitting store apps without testing them with the latest version of WACK tool. This post is just a reminder that please update the WACK tool to its latest version i.e. 2.2.

When you run your WACK tool, it should prompt you to update the tool to the latest version (as shown below).









Please don’t ignore it as the latest version of tool as the latest version offers the following important enhancements:

  • Optimized binding references (when using bindings, WinJS.Binding.optimizeBindingReferences should be set to TRUE in the app’s JavaScript to optimize the memory usage).
  • Branding validation (apps should not use the default icons generated by Visual Studio or included in the SDK samples).
  • Private code signing (remove any private code signing keys, such as .pfx files, from the package).

Also note that to test your Windows 8 app on Windows RT, you can download a separate WACK tool here.

For more details and latest updates for WACK visit MSDN.



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