I am writing this blog post from Riyadh. We are participating here in an exhibition called SMFEX. There are a number of companies on display demonstrating their applications for capital markets of gulf in general and KSA in particular. This is my second participation in an exhibition of this type in as many months. Anyways coming to the point, most of the applications on display are Microsoft based and some of them are .Net 2.0 based products, which is an encouraging sign to see. But what is rather amazing is that almost all the applications have similar look and feel (mostly because they are .Net based etc.).
So alot of people who come and see the demo and get into conversation asking that
“all the applications look the same…”. Then we end up telling them that how we are different and what’s the value that we add etc. But from the user point of view if they take a cursory look every thing looks alike and hence a confusion.
So the question arise how do you become different? And answer is to be more innovative, how about non-rectangular forms? how about use of touch screens? how about sleekness? how about creativity? besides these how about movnig to .net 3.0 and using windows presentation foundation? AERO style UIs?
what do you say?


  1. I totally agree with you on that. Most companies dont want to invest time and effort in building good user experiences for their web/desktop application. An application does not necessarily have to be developed using WPF in order to have a sleek look. I went to great lengths to create a good AJAX user experience in the last web application I developed, but it has always been shrugged off by the ISV management as something unnecessary.

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