I am glad to share this with you all that a new Singapore Standard for Multi-tiered cloud computing security has been published by ITSC (and I have received my copy :)).

Standard for Multi-tiered cloud computing security
Standard for Multi-tiered cloud computing security

I am happy that I was part of the team that contributed towards this standard. Following is an excerpt from ITSC web site:-

This Singapore  Standard aims to lower the barrier to adopting cloud computing services by

  1. Defining a multi-tiered cloud security framework  that Cloud Service Providers can implement to meet differing cloud user needs  for data sensitivity and business criticality; and which Cloud Users can use to  benchmark the available cloud services;
  2. Recommending a disclosure and security reporting  framework to improve the information transparency and visibility of risks  associated with the Cloud Service Providers’ security practices.

The standard  can be purchased from the Singapore Standards eShop (www.singaporestandardseshop.sg).


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