I will be speaking at Global Windows Azure Boot camp tomorrow. This is going to be hosted by Singapore’s Azure UG (which is run by my good friends and ex-fellow MVPs Wely and Faizal).

Windows Azure (State Of The Union)

I will be opening the event by giving a “State of the union” on Windows Azure in which I intend to cover all-up status of Windows Azure. Some of the key things that I will cover include:

I don’t intend to (in the interest of time) cover HD Insight, Business Analytics, and Media Services etc.

Windows Azure Mobile Services

Apart from the key-note style opening session, I will also do a detailed session on Windows Azure Mobile Services. I will talk about the overall architecture and development paradigm for Mobile Services and will show you how easy it is to build mobile apps that can leverage on scalable backend. The talk is aptly titled, “When Mobiles Fall in Love with the Cloud”.

We plan to record the sessions for your VOD viewing pleasure and are scrambling for resources to set it up.

As usual I will share the action items (Go-Do’s) as well as pointers to slide decks and learning resources later on.


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