Along with Moving Applications to the Cloud on Azure, Microsoft’s Patterns and Practices team has also published the 3rd edition of “Developing Multi-tenant Applications for the Cloud”.  This guide focuses on green field projects (whereas the Moving Applications to the Cloud covered brown field ones). Its a highly recommended read if you are planning to build a new multi-tenant app service on Windows Azure.

Developing Multi-tenant Applicatoins for the Cloud

Here is a quick summary from MSDN Patterns and Practices:

The cloud platform provides you with access to capacity on demand, fault tolerance, distributed computing, data centers located around the globe, and the capability to integrate with other platforms. Someone else is responsible for managing and maintaining the entire infrastructure, and you only pay for the resources that you use in each billing period. You can focus on using your core domain expertise to build and then deploy your application to the data center or data centers closest to the people who use it. You can then monitor your applications, and scale up or scale back as and when the capacity is required.

Yes, by locating your applications in the cloud you’re giving up some control and autonomy, but you’re also going to benefit from reduced costs, increased flexibility, and scalable computation and storage. This guide shows you how to do this.

This guide is the second volume in a series on Windows Azure. It demonstrates how you can create from scratch a multi-tenant, Software as a Service (SaaS) application to run in the cloud by using the latest versions of the Windows Azure tools and the latest features of the Windows Azure.

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