I am invited to host a panel discussion on “Managing Big Data” later today at Virtualization and Storage Symposium Singapore.  Big Data (along with Cloud Computing ) is one of the things that are very close to my heart and I am super excited about being part of this event.

One of the important thing about this event is that we are going to focus on Singapore and Asian context !

Following is an excerpt from the event agenda:-

Big data is the new challenge for global corporations. The sheer volume of data, different types and sources post big operational challenges. The return from big data of course is that a huge amount of valuable information is stored in this data and businesses can analyze, exploit and apply this for their competitive advantage. This panel will discuss the above challenges and how corporations are preparing for the big data challenge.

If you are going to be at the event then please drop by and say hello. I will look forward to meeting you all.

Edited: Fixed grammar mistakes. No wonder I wrote the original post while in a cab trying to find my way to a meeting place.


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