In my previous post I mentioned that I will be sharing with you another news. From the title of the post you would have guessed that it has to do with a book on Windows Server AppFabric. So (drum rolls!) I have taken on a book on Windows Server AppFabric. This is something that has been keeping me busy for last few months.  The good news is that I have already completed first 3 chapters. The bad news is that I am yet to write 6 more chapters. I am expected to complete the 4th chapter in next few days (which is looking pretty tight, but lets see).

If you are wondering what content am I covering in the book then all that I can say right now is that this book is all about using Windows Server AppFabric as an Application Server platform. I am mostly discussing Caching, Hosting and Monitoring capabilities of Windows Server platform using Windows Server AppFabric. Everything is laid out in a simple and easy to understand format. I am going to make sure that code and configuration samples are easy to setup and play with. The plan is to cover a mix of basic, intermediate and advanced topics that one can come across while developing application for Windows Server AppFabric.

Last but not the least, I intend to start sharing some of the interesting stuff that I have come across so far on Windows Server AppFabric. Most likely that would turn out be a bunch of blog posts but lets see.

PS: If you are interested in some topics on Windows Server AppFabric that you would like me to cover (in my book or blog posts) then please drop me a note here on the blog. Or message me on my twitter account.


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