<dotNetBulls/> hosted their second technical event on 27th of March, 2008. This was a special event that saw two top speakers from Microsoft Corporation hosting a tech-talk on Application Life Cycle Management, Agile Tools and Visual Studio Team System. Both the speakers were visiting Singapore for “Heroes Happen Here” event that marks the launch of Visual Studio 2008, SQL Server 2008 and Exchange 2008.

Norman Guadagno, Director of Product Marketing for Visual Studio Team System talked about application development life cycle management and how VSTS allows integrated, extensible and end-to-end ALM (Application Lifecycle Management).

Stephanie Saad, Group Manager in Visual Studio Team System at Microsoft, talked about how agile development tools in VSTS can be used to deliver Agile Solutions.

Event was a success amongst its participants who were delighted and enlightened to hear from top experts on the topic that’s very important and extremely relevant to their professional work. Stephanie showed some cool demoes on VSTS and audience absolutely liked it. After the demoes there was an open QnA session where audience asked various questions on the use of code metrics, automated builds, annotations etc.

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