I mentioned in a previous post that I will be attending a technical discussion at Microsoft Dubai office hosted by a Vista Hero ( Salahudin Khan). So the event went great. I reached there along with one of my colleagues at 3 PM but couldn’t find any one besides Salahudin himself and a couple of other fellows. After usual greeting Salahudin suggested we could get some coffee or snacks and he will start the discussion @ 3:15. So @ 3:15 talk started and people started asking questions. Whats different and good about the discussion was that there was no typical slide deck. so the spirit of discussion (a two way communication) was maintained. Not every one was really talking about things related to Vista Kernel. Us (my self and my colleague) and couple of others participants did ask quite a few questions related to Vista as in OS and its Kernel’s advancements. For few questions Salahudin said that he will get back to us with detailed response. But all in all it was nice being there and i would love to participate again!

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