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With Microsoft’s recently announced partnership, I have been working very closely with SailPoint for all things Enterprise Mobility and Security (EMS as we call it at Microsoft). This resulted in having a privilege of attending and speaking at SailPoint Navigate 2017 conference in Austin, Texas last month. In this blog post, I want to share some of the insights and experiences I gained from #Navigate17.

First of all, I was super impressed with the speaker line up. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the likes of General Hayden and Brian Krebbs. If you get a chance, I will highly recommend you to follow and listen to these experts. In the meantime, you can read the summary of what they covered at SailPoint blog here.

I joined Paul Trulove (Vice President, Product Management) @ SailPoint for his Product Roadmap session and talked about:

Hammad speaking

Microsoft Secure:

I outlined that Microsoft has a mission and vision of making every organization and individual more product. Security plays a fundamental role in this. Microsoft Secure is not a product or a service rather its our commitment built on top of security, privacy & control, compliance, transparency and reliability. We see security as a key enabler for digital transformation. With Microsoft’s platform, unique intelligence (Microsoft Intelligent Security graph) and broad partnerships we are uniquely positioned to help our customers be productive without compromising on security.

It’s the Identity..

Microsoft has taken a leadership position in leading with Identity when it comes to security.  Customers can no longer rely on traditional (if I may call it that) Mobile Device Management and hope that everything will work out just fine. To that end, we lead with Identity and i.e. Azure Active Directory (AD) . The message has been clear that old ways of perimeter based security measures don’t work in Mobile first, Cloud first world. Identity is the new control plane that gives you comprehensive security coverage across users, devices, apps and data (on-premise, in cloud or in between). First step for our customers in journey towards cybersecurity is to start with Azure Active Directory.

Need for Governance …

On top of Identity driven security, most customers specially belonging to Financial Services, Healthcare and Retail – to name a few – industries require advanced governance capabilities. This is increasingly becoming more than just-a-compliance check box. This is where we have partnered with SailPoint to bring the best of both worlds. This integration allows customers to use AAD to provide full, fine-grained provisioning and life cycle management for systems and services on-premises as well as in the cloud. More details @ Alex Simons blog post here.


Closing thoughts:

After my presentation General Hayden came on stage and referred to Microsoft’s message of leading with Identity a few times and gave examples of few recent high profile attacks that all involved identity as a part of the bread. Brian Krebbs on day 1 stressed the need for going beyond compliance, leveraging MFA and assuming compromise (full list here). It was great to see such a close alignment with thought leaders in cybersecurity and validation of our Azure AD and EMS approach.

Last but not the least, I met a number of customers and partners at the event and they were all super keen to leverage this partnership and build an advanced identity and governance strategy as part of their all up Enterprise Security effort. I can’t wait to see number of success stories of customers benefiting from integration between AAD and SailPoint.

Call to action:

Learn more about Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility and Security.

Try and attend SailPoint Navigate event near you.


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