I had a great time attending The Cloud Computing Asia 2011 last week. I enjoyed sitting on the panel discussion titled “BEYOND HYPE: APPLICATIONS IN THE CLOUD TODAY”. It was good to hear views from the industry as well as share Microsoft’s vision of the cloud and its PaaS offerings – Windows Azure. The discussion was moderated by Peter Rajnik of Guard Time and he did a wonderful job.

I also presented on “Architecting for the Public and the Private Cloud” (slides embedded).

Couple of interesting observations:

  • Some people still don’t get the distinction between IaaS, SaaS and PaaS.
  • Analogy of the day: Just like we trust banks with our money, we can trust cloud provides with out data  (yikes!)
  • Q: How to get started with Cloud Computing? Answer: Go get our free cloud account and try it out. (really?)
  • Scalable vendor products == Cloud Computing (speechless!)

Architecting for the public and the private cloud



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