I spent many hours today fixing a Silverlight deployment. So I thought i should blog about my experience. So here it goes, the most important thing about deploying your Silverlight application on IIS is configuring IIS for MIME types. So if you havent done that yet your should probably read this.
Second important thing that I figured out was about multimedia content. If you have hosted your content on your IIS then you should make sure that the paths are correct. I read a few posts about people not being able to access their applications from other than the hosting machine itself. Just make sure that all the URI requests will come from the client itself so URIs will have to be constructed in a propper way. That means if your application is available on public internet/extranet then ensure that URIs have the IPs that are consistent with internaet/extranet address schemes. e.g. for an internet application you will have to make sure that URIs have public IPs instead of local IP addresses.

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