One of the best things that I got to know during MVP summit and specially during my stay @ Redmond was WCF LOB Adapter SDK. This was something that I have been looking for long. Its an awesome development from WCF Team. Microsoft was already offering BizTalk adapter sdk for custom adapter implementations for legacy systems. But the fundamental problem was that those were typically for BizTalk and if you wanted to develop some thing similar without really using BizTalk then you would have to do your own custom implementation. I was told that there were more than a couple of different SAP adapter implementations within Microsoft. That is the scenario you would like to get rid of. You would rather want to have consistent means of developing & consuming those typical LOB adapters across different range of technologies, i.e. you would want to have a similar adapter being plugged into MOSS, or BizTalk or custom desktop applications. That’s exactly where WCF LOB Adapter SDK comes into the picture. I would like you to read this post written by Sonu, who showed us first bits of WCF LOB SDK. Though she was ruining out of time and Clemens was tight on time keeping but still the message was conveyed pretty well!


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